About Us

This is what we stand for in our craft

Our passion is finding unique, rare, old-growth timbers, with history, and give them a new life. Also to achieve the ethical side, while protecting the environment, is to only source new timbers from sustainable forests and only trees cut from places that need to be cut.


Becoming the next chapter in the life of these reclaimed timbers has many advantages.


These timbers have lived a previous life – as bridges, piers, wharfs and fence posts. Some have been worn by sun, storms, natural fires and insects. They bring a sense of place and time that is unmistakable, and notably absent from contemporary farmed wood.

Strong and Durable

Reclaimed timbers come from old-growth forest trees which were often used to build structures a century or more ago. These old growth timbers, offer durability that is not achievable with contemporary farmed wood. In addition, this timber has had the time to settle, expanding and contracting into a permanent shape.


Cracked by age and use, with subtle markings from just age and use, these reclaimed timbers have a natural look and unrefined beauty only a life fully lived can create. Our process of reworking these timbers, keeping the natural beauty and character.